Plant Heritage (Devon Group) Bursary Award


Plant Heritage is the body concerned with the conservation of garden plants through their propagation and cultivation. The Devon Group of Plant Heritage pursues these conservation goals in a variety of ways, and is keen to support horticultural students who have a particular interest in areas of study relating to these objectives.

Each year the Devon Group invites applications from students enrolled on a recognised horticultural course (or related area of study) in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset for the award of a bursary of up to £1000. Possible uses for the award might include funding study trips or work experience programmes, and purchase of equipment or materials for a research project. These examples are illustrative, and we want to stress that no feasible proposition will be excluded. Although the award will be made to the individual applicant we would also be happy to support group initiatives.

These Bursaries are awarded on the understanding that any unspent bursary funds are returned to the Plant Heritage Devon Group Treasurer as soon as possible following completion of the project. Should the project be cancelled at any stage, or left uncompleted, you may be required to return all or part of the bursary awarded unless exceptional circumstances apply as agreed by the Devon Group Committee.


You must currently be enrolled (full-time, part-time or block-release) on a recognised horticultural course, or a related programme of study, of one year or more. The course must be accredited within the Regulated Qualification Framework at level 3 or above. We would particularly like to help students and trainees in Practical Horticulture working in gardens in Devon and on a recognised course of learning.

We do require a detailed report three months after the end of your project which will be posted on our website and an article to be published in our Devon newsletter to our members. Additionally it would be welcomed if you felt you could give an illustrated talk either at our AGM or group meeting.


Please send a detailed application to our group secretary:

Miss Caroline Stone
The Glebe
North Peterwin
Launceston, PL15 8LR

Please state the objective of the project and details on how it is to be carried out, your current and previous positions and qualifications, and a detailed statement on the costs you are likely to experience.