Top 5 Evergreen Shrubs to Grow in Your Garden

Top 5 Evergreen Shrubs to Grow in Your Garden

Evergreen shrubs are a great choice for gardens so that you have some interest all year round. They will not lose their leaves and may even provide much wanted scent or colour to a garden which can otherwise look a bit bleak in the winter months. They can be used a stand-alone plants or put together to form hedging or a mixed border. There are lots to choose from and it is a good idea to get to know a bit about some varieties so that you can decide whether they will be right for you and your garden. Below are a few popular examples that you might like to choose.


Box is a popular choice for a hedge as it is compact with small leaves but it can easily be clipped into a shape. It could be used as edging for beds, put in a pot or grown into a large bush. It is happy in shade as well which means that it is a versatile plant for spots that get little sunshine and can also work well under trees. It is happy planted into the soil or in a container and so suitable for different uses. It does like well drained soil, but if it is in the sun it will like more watering. If it is in a container it is more likely to dry out and need watering more often.


Camelia has a really glossy and dark green foliage which is very pretty all year round. They also have very pretty flowers in the spring time which vary from pink and red to yellow and white. They can be large, but there are some dwarf varieties available which will stay smaller. They are happy partly in the shade as well, which means that they can be planted under trees. They will need an acid soil though and so if you live in an area that has alkaline soil then you will need to plant them in a tub with some acidic compost.


Aucuba is a very tough shrub which means that it will tolerate all sorts of conditions, such as full shade, dry soil and even salty coastal conditions. It comes with plain and variegated leaves and the green with yellow speckles is the most popular which has earned it the name ‘spotted laurel’. It has large leaves which are glossy and leathery. The female plants have bright red berries in the autumn as long as there is a make pollinator plant nearby. It can be used as a hedge but is also just a useful plant for growing in areas of the garden that other plants do not grow well in.


Lavender is a pretty plant that comes in many different varieties. It has lovely flowers in the summer which smell lovely and they can be picked and dried to be used to scent drawers and other places around the home. It is a hardy plant which can be grown to form edging or hedges if left to grow large enough. It also attracts bees and butterflies so if you want your garden to become a friendly habitat to wildlife then it can be a great choice. The plants are most suitable for light and sandy soil and are drought resistant as well because they have origins in the Mediterranean.


Holly has really glossy, dark leaves which are spiny or smooth and there are variegated varieties as well. It will also have dark red berries in the winter as well. It can be used to make a dense hedge and it is also popular for taking a cutting from for Christmas decorations. It has spring flowers that attract bees and then berries will follow on the female plants as long as there is a make pollinator nearby. The berries are attractive to birds and so it is a great plant for attracting wildlife into the garden. It tolerates harsh conditions as well and so will grow in most gardens.

It is important to think about where you will be planting the shrub as well as what your soil conditions are like so that you will be able to make sure that the plant will suit your garden. Think about whether you want something that flowers or has berries or whether you are fussy bout what colour the leaves will be. There are more than these to choose from but hopefully, this will have given you some ideas of what you should be considering and what sort of choice there is available for you.


It is so much fun writing about things which will be really useful for people and this is why I have really enjoyed writing about gardening. I know a lot of people find it something that brings them a lot of pleasure, as well as being something that can help with physical and mental health. There are lots of different types of garden and so it is interesting to write about them, with so many different things to focus on. Hopefully, the information that I have shared, has been informative and interesting as it has certainly been fun to write which I hope has come across.

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