Ideas for Gardening in Small Spaces

Ideas for Gardening in Small Spaces

If you only have a small space for your garden, whether that is a back yard, space in front of your house or a balcony, then it is still possible to have a lovely space. It is worth having a think and considering a few different ideas and you could end up transforming the space into a lovely garden or retreat.

Plan in Advance

It is important to start by thinking about what you want the garden for. If you want to use it as a space for entertaining, then you will need room to do that. If you want it to look pretty from inside, then you need to consider what you will need to do in order to achieve that. If you want to grow vegetables or plants that you can cut and take indoors then you will need a completely different approach. So, think about if it is going to be pretty or practical or both. Consider what sort of space you would like it to be and then you will be on your way to creating something that will match up with your expectations.

Look at Others for Inspiration

Do not worry if you do not have a detailed plan though. Just having an idea of what sort of use it will be for will be enough to get going. You will then need to plan in more detail. This might seem tricky but with the Internet on hand it can be much simpler than you think. Have a look at what other people have done with their small spaces and this will help to inspire you. You should be able to find plenty of articles and pictures online for this and it should help to inspire you for what you can do with your small space. You may want to take some ideas for one garden and others form another, you can mix and match ideas to get the space the way that you want.

Consider What to Do Under Foot

It is often not thought about that much, but considering what is on the ground can make a big difference. Having a path can make an area look larger if it winds around or leads to somewhere unseen. The colour can also make a difference with a brighter material reflecting light and making the space look roomier. You also need to think about what the garden will be used for and what might be practical. Stone will be flatter than grass for seating and will not need to be mowed. Grass is more comfortable underfoot than gravel. Slate or bark chipping could protect against weeds growing.


Most gardeners will use some sort of fencing to give privacy and security to their outside space. Many will use a standard fence but there are lots of alternatives which are worth considering. You can have horizontal fencing boards, for example or you might like to have a living wall of plants which will screen out noise pollution and create a colourful backdrop. A hedge is an alternative. Some people might prefer a brick wall as it is more durable than a fence, particularly if the garden is prone to windy conditions.


It is worth being thoughtful about the plants that you choose for your garden. It can be lovely to have something that smells good, is colourful or has berries and pretty leaves. Consider though, what the garden will look like all year round as a winter garden can look rather bleak unless you have hardy plants that have leaves all year long. There are also plants which change colour in the winter which give a pretty look to the garden. It is therefore worth thinking about how they will look as well. Consider all seasons, it is easy to just think about summer, when we will be in the garden more, but if you can see it through a window, then it can be nice to have it looking good all of the time.


Consider whether you want any accessories in your garden. This could be a table and chairs or bench, BBQ, sunshade or something for accommodating people in the space. You could also consider a water feature or ornamental items. This birdbath, statue, decorative pots, sundial etc. There are lots of things that you can choose but you will need to think about what you need and what will fit in with the garden that you are planning.


It is so much fun writing about things which will be really useful for people and this is why I have really enjoyed writing about gardening. I know a lot of people find it something that brings them a lot of pleasure, as well as being something that can help with physical and mental health. There are lots of different types of garden and so it is interesting to write about them, with so many different things to focus on. Hopefully, the information that I have shared, has been informative and interesting as it has certainly been fun to write which I hope has come across.

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