Ways That a Garden Can Help Your Wellbeing

Many people find that their gardens can be a source of well-being. This can just be to do with being outside or the pleasure in making a lovely space. However, there are things that you can specifically do with regards to gardening that will help with your well-being.

Sharing With Others

There are different ways that you can use gardening to help you to meet up with other people. If you have a space, then you can invite others to visit you there and it can be a lovely way to get together with people. People with large gardens may open them up to the public, which will give them even more opportunity to meet up with other people. There are projects which could help as well such as community gardens or volunteering. These will allow people to combine their love of gardening together with being with others. Sometimes these projects can be specifically set up to benefit people with specific disorders or just to generally help everyone. The shared focus can help to build bonds and will help people form friendships and may even allow them a safe environment where they can speak out about their problems and benefits with being with others.

Physical Activity

It is well documented that mental and physical health are connected. All gardening needs some activity, even if you are sitting down weeding, you are still possibly moving more than you would if you were inside. If you want a big workout then digging, mowing and trimming can be beneficial but even some gentle pruning can be advantages. Moving those muscles can be a great benefit to gardeners of all ages. Once you have completed the gardening, you might be more likely to be happy walking around the garden, which will also help your physical activity levels as well.


There are lots of small things to observe in a garden which can help to take your focus away from your worries and help you to concentrate on the beauty of nature. Whether it is observing leaves and flowers, studying the wildlife or even doing rhythmic activities such as snipping when pruning or trimming the edges of the lawn. These things can help you to focus on nature rather than thinking about any worries that you might have. You may need to concentrate on doing this, but with practice you can really enjoy the small things and concentrate on these. The smell of blossom, watching a woodlouse, the design of a leaf etc. It can really help to concentrate on these wonders.


Gardening is always an opportunity to learn new things. Whether you learn about how to look after the plants you have or new plants you want to buy, learn about the wildlife they attract, learn about garden design or anything else, there is always an opportunity to learn things. Learning all the time is really good for us as it helps gives us some focus and pleasure and is also great for our brain. It can also be a great way to help others. You will be able to help other gardeners out if they have questions and need help or tell them where you find out useful information. It can be lovely to share like this.


When you are growing things there is always an opportunity to give to others. This could mean that you give them cuttings, flowers or fruit and veg that you grow. Some people like to give away seedling that they have grown as well. It could mean that you give advice to other gardeners. It could mean that you give your time to do gardening for the community. You might also share your garden with others when they visit you. All of these things are great for our own mental health. Being kind and giving things to others will also give us a sense of satisfaction and love which can really help us to feel good. It can also be good for those that we give to as well because they will feel special and loved. Knowing they will feel like that or receiving thanks will also make us feel good as well.

A lot of these things will not only help your mental health but that of others as well. It means that by gardening you will be able to improve things for yourself and for other people. It can be very satisfying to do this and it can provide you with a calm and sense of wellbeing which is not offered by other activities.

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