Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tale Valley Nursery get Gold at Chelsea

Written by Miss Caroline Stone
The Winners - Chris and Lorraine Birchall The Winners - Chris and Lorraine Birchall

Congratulations to Chris and Lorraine Birchall of Tale Valley Nursery who have won their second Gold Medal at Chelsea.

Last year was their first year at Chelsea and they got a Gold Medal at their first try; this year they have made it two in two. The stand is completely different to last year's which featured an alpine house and an abundance of alpines. 

As the photos show this year they are featuring completely different plants in a very pretty display with an enticing little path (sized for fairies perhaps) through the middle. The woodland planting made a cool oasis in the Pavilion; London was enjoying some warm weather - a little too warm on Monday.

If you want to see the photos in a larger form, just click on them.

Westcountry Nurseries, National Collection holders for lupin cvs. won a Silver-Gilt for their fine display of lupins also in the Great Pavilion.


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