Welcome to the Plant Heritage Devon Group.

This site is written by our members for everyone who shares our passion for plants and gardens. We want to ensure that the garden plants we know and love today survive for future generations to enjoy.

At the heart of our enterprise are the 40 National Plant Collections®, from Agapanthus to Veltheimia. Our collection holders are keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for plant conservation - learn more about them here.

We welcome new members of all ages and offer a varied programme of events including workshops and exclusive visits to private gardens. Why not join us today, and help us to save our garden plants!

Encouraging the Conservation of Cultivated Plants

Many garden plants are at risk of disappearing from commercial outlets that tend to stock plants marketed and grown by the big horticultural companies; often these are plants that transport easily, have instant appeal to busy shoppers, and are driven by fashion. This can reduce the range of plants readily available.

We aim to conserve the widest possible range of cultivated plants including heritage varieties and plants that may be difficult to propagate or slow to grow. Not only does this save from extinction interesting plants for everyone to grow in their gardens, but helps preserve a gene pool that might otherwise be lost.

How do we do this?

• National Plant Collections

Plant Guardian Scheme

Threatened Plant Project

• National Plant Exchange

• Representation on consultations on legislation that threatens plant diversity

Devon Group activities

Membership of the Plant Heritage Devon Group opens up a world of plant-related events throughout the year. The Devon Group organises a wide range of activities for members including garden visits and talks, and runs a large number of plant fairs through the year.

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