The Ruscus Species

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There are six species, a subspecies and a presumed natural hybrid (a total of 8 taxa) in two sections:

Section Ruscus (syn. Series Ramosae Yeo):

473Ruscus aculeatus from Thomas Bay

Ruscus aculeatus growing wild in Spain. Thomas Bay

aculeatus var. angustifolius Boissier (syn. R. ponticus Woronow)

hyrcanus Woronow

Section Platyruscus (A.P. Khokhryakov & V.N. Tikhomirov) A.S. Zernov (syn. Series Simplices Yeo; Platyruscus A.P. Khokhryakov & V.N. Tikhomirov):

475IMG 2326 Ruscus hypoglossum Greencombe

Ruscus hypoglossum at Greencombe, Porlock. D. Cann

colchicus Yeo

hypoglossum L. hypophyllum L.

x microglossum Bertoloni (? hypoglossum x hypophyllum)

streptophyllus Yeo (streptophyllum, used in the original description but later changed as incorrect)