Veltheimia & Urginea

Veltheimia bracteata 'Rosabla' Veltheimia bracteata 'Rosabla'

Veltheimia, a member of the Hyacinth family is a small genus of two species, Veltheimia bracteata comes from South Africa's green and moist Eastern Cape the other, Veltheimia capensis comes from arid areas of the Western Cape.

The genus Veltheimia was published in 1771 in honour of August Ferdinand von Veltheim a German patron of Botany. Both species were grown during the Victorian period, Veltheimia bracteata in particular became popular when I am sure great effort was taken by the gardeners and breeders of that time to select a whole range of forms and colours.

For me there are few plants that give such pleasure during the winter months than Veltheimia bracteata with its luxuriant crown of glossy green crinkled leaves below a head of tubular pink flowers that give such splendor to the windowsill or greenhouse through these dark and at times rather dreary months.

The display of foliage on these very attractive bulbs starts during August or September with the onset of cooler nights. As the leaves expand so the head of the flower spike slowly develops and extends, the upright buds slowly becoming pendulous as the flowers mature.

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