Rhodohypoxis & x Rhodoxis

Rhodohypoxis 'Appleblossom' Rhodohypoxis 'Appleblossom'

These beautiful, dimunitive plants come from South Africa and Lesotho, particularly from the Drakensberg Mountains where they grow at altitudes from 1500 - 3400 metres.

There are 6 species of Rhodohypoxis of which one (R. baurii) has three varieties, and two (R. rubella and R. incompta) are not in cultivation.

x Rhodoxis is a naturally occuring hybrid between Rhodohypoxis and the white Hypoxis parvula. There are around 150 named cultivars of Rhodohypoxis and a further 20 of x Rhodoxis.

Rhodohypoxis make ideal plants for a raised alpine bed, rock garden or cold frame - or alternatively they can be pot grown. Successful cultivation is not difficult providing that conditions are reasonably dry in winter and there is plenty of water in summer - see the cultivation notes on our website for further details. 

We have been collecting these plants for over 25 years and our collection now embraces around 130 taxa. Unfortunately many of the cultivars, especially recent introductions, are difficult to tell apart as there has been little attempt to cross reference 'new' cultivars against existing ones. Recognising those cultivars which are genuinely distinctive is part of the challenge of holding a National Collection...

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