Dierama spp.

Dierama pulcherrimum Dierama pulcherrimum


The National Collection of Dierama has evolved over the past 17 years with the following aim: to collect as many different accessions of each species as possible for the purposes of observation, comparison and identification.


Dierama is a primitive, evergreen cormous plant found in similar situations throughout its range and growing generally in species isolated colonies. In Africa there are +/- 44 species in the wild, growing in a geographical area from Ethiopia to the SE Cape in mostly summer wet montane grassland, with the majority appearing in and around Natal. There are 7 tropical species. Grazing, agriculture and development have caused several species to be added to the endangered list.

To see a mass of Dierama prancing and bobbing in the breeze, or languidly leaning over a pool, staring at their own reflection on a still evening is food for the soul. One becomes captivated - a slave to their every need ( and there are many!). They are the Prima donnas of the plant world and in recent years have finally received some of the attention they deserve.

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