Azara in Flower in Spring on Streatham Campus Azara in Flower in Spring on Streatham Campus


The Azara collection is spread throughout our Campus, with labelled varieties being on display around the perimeter of Reed Hall Walled Garden and our Arab and Islamic Centre.

Azara is a semi-evergreen shrub from South America. Many produce delicately scented yellow flowers in spring, some such as Azara integrifolia have leathery leaves and can achieve a height of 20ft or more given the right location, while varieties such as A.microphylla variegata have small leaves and fantastic glossy foliage.

There is evidence that some of the varieties e.g. A.lanceolata, were originally brought into cultivation after being collected on Darwin's voyage aboard the Beagle, when it visited Chile and Argentina in the 19th Century.

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